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This all started back in 2013 while I was taking a shower after an exhausting day. I was longing for a bathtub to have a relaxing crystal infused soak.  That's when my idea STRUCK! Right after my shower I drew up some ideas of how I could have that same experience even when I did not have access to a bathtub.  After years of dreaming about this product I am so excited to bring the Chakra Shower to Life! Now, there is always time to sneak in that extra self love & care through a healing & meditative experience...even on the busiest of days. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Love, Light & Happie Daze



Happie Daze was created to bring together the free spirits; the curious who always question & continue to learn & evolve, & the mindful who are grateful for all that the universe provides. We aim for inner peace & exude that positive energy out to the world. 

We provide tools for self care, reflection & meditation as those are the moments we learn to love ourselves, & in turn others, unconditionally.

In the future we will be hosting retreats & gatherings as we believe that a loving community to listen & share is always needed. 

If you have any skill or products you'd like to share with the community please reach out! 

Love, light & Happie Daze

Our Story

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Love, light & Happie Daze ahead.

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