Handmade soy wax candles infused with essential oils and topped with flowers & crystals! These are handmade to order just for you.

1. Choose your candle container

2. Provide as much or as little information as you’d like. For example an crystal/flower preferences or what you’ve been manifesting etc.

3. Use your candle as a tool to manifest your dreams!

Manifestation Candle

  • 1. Set an intention for your candle. The Candle can be used for one manifestation by writing your manifestation on a piece of paper and placing underneath the candle or you can hold your candle before each use and state your manifestation out loud.  This can be something as easy as "Today I will have a good day" to a super specific goal or even a mantra like "I consistently attact abundance into my life"

    2. Light your candle and meditate, pray, dance or do whatever makes you feel good and raises your vibration while your candle flame  releases your intention to the universe!

    3. Blow out your candle with gratitude.