Moldavite is the product of a meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 milion years ago. It fell over what is now called the Moldau River valley in Czech Repulic. These green Gems are among the most rare minerals on earth. They have been prized by hmans for thousands of years and are still given as gifts from royalty to royalty. In Legend, it is believed Moldavite was the green stone in the Holy Grail and has the power to quicken one's spiritual evolution. 


Sleeping with Moldavite activates the Dreams State. Wearing it helps manifest positive life change.


There is an option to add a cage in which you can put your moldavite or any small crystal to wear on your necklace!


You will receive one moldavite piece. 


XS pieces are ~.20-.35g

S pieces are ~ .40-.50g

M pieces are ~.53-.65g

L pieces are ~.7g-.85g

XL pieces ~.86-1g